CBMA Board of Directors

Peter D. Carpenter

Vice President
C. Curtiss Carpenter

Harold G. Worley


CBMA Executive Board

Butch Halpin - Carolina Sounds Beach Show - CBMA Show Production
Judie Walters - JLW Promotions - Promotions and Shag Ambassadors
Stan Ashley - QSM Carolinas - CBMA Scholarship Coordinator
Donny Trexler - Our World Productions
Jeff Scheible - Retired (Music Distributor) - CBMA Show Production
Rob Harvell - Rob Harvel Productions - CBMA Show Production
Carol Huff - Hayes Jewelers Liason

In Memoriam
Andy Smith - First CBMA Board member
Neal "Soul Dog" Furr - CBMA Showcase Coordinator

Mildred Carpenter - CBMA Treasurer


CBMA Executives At Large

Gary Bass - Fat Harolds Beach Club
Mike Little - NARBDJ's
Charlie Brown - On the Beach with Charlie Brown - Hall Of Fame Cooordinator
Chris Gay - Spanish Galleon

Judie Walters - JLW Promotions
Ron Teague - Shelby Shag Club
Ed Hamer - Northen Virginia Shag Club
Bill Allman - Statesville NC
Dan Summitt - OD Mafia
Arlene McMurtry - Charlotte Shag Club
Kevin Carr - Two Rivers Shag Club
Ginger Olszewski


Janet Carpenter - Coordinator - (336)339-4511 
Trish Brown - (843)997-9490

 CBMA Staff

Jimmy Carpenter - Event Director
Rachel Byrd - Band/Finance Coordinator - (910)281-2003
Janet Carpenter - Program / Sponsor / Media Coordinator
Charles Howe - Events Coordinator
Maxine Howe - VIP Party Coordinator
Randy Byrd - Finance Director
Chad Sain - Industry Awards / Saturday Events Coordinator
Sharon Westbrook - Membership Coordinator
Dana Kirk - CBMA Photographer
Kelly “Casey” Collins - PR Coordinator
Brandon Collins - PR Assistant
Rick Hooker - Logistics Engineer

In Memoriam

Virgil Carpenter - Public Relations

CBMA proudly Sponsored by:

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